For Adult, Youth, and Child Counselling

Relationship Counselling for couple
Youth Counselling For Emotional Disturbances

Online counseling is counseling and therapy conducted through a digital mean, such as a phone or through a video conference on the Internet.

This is a very simple, perfectly secure and absolutely confidential counseling service you can get from anywhere, anytime.

Individual Counselling for Personal Problem


"Solution Focused Counseling" for Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Phobia, Addiction, Family and Relationship issues.

Online Counseling

 Consultation Fee:

Face to Face: 900 INR / One Hour Counselling Session

Online: 600 INR / One Hour Counselling Session


Relationship Counseling helps couples recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. Through Couple counseling, you can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding your relationship or going your separate ways.  

Psychologist  Suparna  Sengupta

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Whatever the problems and challenges you are facing, Face To Face Counselling gives you an opportunity to discuss your situation in total confidence with a qualified and experienced counselor.


Monday to Saturday
8 AM to 8 PM
(All sessions by Appointment only)

Place  [NCR]

K-1/34, Chitaranjan Park,
New Delhi- 110019

(Landmark: Opposite SBI Bank, Kalkaji)

Face to Face Counseling

 Dr. Suparna Sengupta is a dedicated Life Coach and Psychotherapist with more than ten years of experience in Individual and Couple Counseling. Highly educated (Calcutta University, University of North Carolina, and Johns Hopkins University) and Skilled in person-centered Therapy, Interventions, and Mental Health Counseling for Teenagers, Adults, and Couples.  Helped thousands of people in India and Abroad via Online and Face to Face counseling Sessions. 

Counselling   and   Psychotherapy

E-Mail Counselling and Coaching involves the client typing their feelings, problems or concerns and sending them via Email, whenever they want. The assigned Counselor takes the time to read and respond with a well thought out therapeutic reply. Clients can send emails anytime to offload and release thoughts that are cluttering the mind.​

  • Convenience
  • No travel time
  • professional service
  • Privacy
  • ​silent communication

Youth Counseling provides an opportunity to work one-on-one or in a group with other young people in similar situations along with a counselor to recover from an upsetting experience, explore thoughts and feelings, or for guidance and support when dealing with a difficult issue.


DELHI - 110019

Phone:  +91-9599554492, +91-9818463349

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Email Counseling

Psychologist Suparna Sengupta

Feel Better, Live Better

Counselling and  Psychotherapy can treat specific mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, or Phobia, in addition to everyday concerns, such as relationship problems, stress management, career ambitions, or other issues that may affect a person's mental well-being. 

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